Import a Dynamics Organisation v8 to a v9 Installation

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  1. rik Helsen says:

    I am just leaving this here for others. According to my microsoft support case, they no longer support direct upgrades from CRM 8.2.x to 9.0.10 and higher .

    I’ve tested with with

    8.2.3 to 9.0.10
    8.2.3 to 9.0.11 to 9.0.11
    without succes. All importing failes (tried with multiple organisations)

    All imports of databases fail with the error “‘Attribute’ metadata entity doesn’t contain metadata attribute with Name = ‘autonumberformat'”

    Any/all workarounds are welcome, as we are not getting any solutions from microsoft at this time.

    Their last update:

    “As we discussed in order to do the upgrade from 8.2.3 you will have to upgrade to version 9.0.9 and then to version 9.0.10.

    This is due to difference in the code that is applied after version 9.0.9.

    Unfortunately there is no official documentation on that because Microsoft is recommending its customers to update their systems regularly with the newest version available when it comes out.”

  2. Stephen W. says:

    Thanks for this, very helpful solved my problem right away without DB restore! @rik I always import before updating CRM so going from 8.2.2 to 9.0.2 went without problem. Thanks for the heads up!

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